What To Expect When Visiting The Mt. Airy church of Christ

Our Times of Meeting

Sunday Bible Class

10:15 am

Sunday Worship

11:15 am

Tuesday Bible Class

7 pm

Our Location

We have a clean, cozy storefront which serves as our meeting location.

The People Who Go There

A small group of friendly people, devoted to following the New Testament as their only authority of practice without denominational affiliation.

The Sunday Worship Hour

During Sunday worship, all will sing songs of praise to God.

The members, not visitors, will contribute to an offering for the work of the church.

A sermon from the Word of God will be preached.

Members of the church will partake of the communion, which consists of unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine.

Several men of the church will lead prayers.

Our Motto

Let us speak where the Bible speaks.

Let us remain silent where the Bible is silent. Let us call things by Bible names, and do things in Bible ways.

Contact Us

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