Stubbornness Can Be Rebellion

Pants were meant to be worn with a belt around the waist because the design of the pants shows this to be true. Yet, we see many young men walking around with their pants belted on their butts and showing underwear. To those who wear pants that way. Please pull your pants up and buckle them, no one wants to see your underwear! This is equal to a person putting gloves halfway on his hands or wearing a hat on the side of the head.

Thing is, both examples would be out of step with the original intent. Yet all of this is a reflection of where the minds of some people are (Proverbs 23:7). Their thoughts are in rebellion and bent on being different and which leads them to strange behavior. In the Bible, the prophet Samuel rebuked King Saul, telling him that his rebellion was stubbornness, and it was as bad as witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:22-23). We must not be rebels if the correct way is shown to us (Acts 26:19). If one cannot produce a superior way, don’t taint the right way by demonstrating something bizarre (1 Sam. 21:11-15).

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