Tuesday bible class

2017-12-19 19:00
2017-12-19 20:00
  Colossians chapter 3

Sunday bible class

2017-12-24 10:15
2017-12-24 11:00
  Jesus, the master teacher 


2017-12-24 11:15
2017-12-24 12:30
  Here a little, there a little;  again! 

Are You A Nabal?

In 1 Samuel chapter 25, we are introduced to Nabal, a selfish rich man. This guy oppressed his employees daily as they broke their backs with sweat and blood to keep him rich. In verse 8, David asked Nabal to help him out with food and supplies, since he had helped Nabal shepherds look after the livestock and keep them free from thieves and wolves. But Nabal insulted David saying, “you won’t get a crumb from me” (verse 10-11). David and his men then planned to kill Nabal, but the shepherds reported their intentions to Nabal wife. And she, being a sensible woman, brought the supplies to David without Nabal knowledge and stopped the slaughter of her husband. Later on, Nabal found out that his wife helped David, and he became angry and appeared to have suffered a stroke and he died (verse 35-38). After reading this story, I wonder just how many Nabal’s are living today. This man had plenty and was too stingy to share with others.

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