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  1 Peter chapter 3 

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 Jesus, the master teacher 


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 Instrumental music, choir's.
  and solo's.  # 2 

No Respect for the Lord

Have you noticed an increase in vandalism, violence, and even killings inside houses of worship. Now I understand that the building isn’t the church because the church is the people, and the church can meet inside a person’s house (Romans 16:5). But the church building was bought and paid for with money from the treasury of the Lord, and in a sense it should be considered special.

For example, I find it interesting that the ground surrounding the burning bush, from which God appeared to Moses, was sacred at the moment, for Moses had to remove his shoes (Exodus 3:5). When giving the law, Mt. Sinai was special (Ex. 19:10-18).

The Temple was special and not to be profaned (John 2:13-17; Ezekiel 23:36-39). Yet men today, will spray paint the church walls, steal money from the collection plate, use the church computer to view porn, curse, smoke and get into fights inside the church building. Just last year, there were stories of people going to churches and killing spouses while services was being conducted. No respect for the Lord or His property.

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