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2017-11-14 19:00
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  1 Samuel chapter 30 

Sunday bible class

2017-11-19 10:15
2017-11-19 11:00
 Jesus, the master teacher


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The Heart Is Dangerous, Not the Weapon

The Lord by the teaching of His word, has been telling man for a very long time that only by repentance can peaceful security be obtain on earth (Proverbs 1:20-33, 8:32-36).

A car being driven into crowds isn’t the danger. A butcher knife stabbed into the bodies of train passengers isn’t the danger. A gun firing bullets into the bodies of moviegoers isn’t the danger. Cars, guns, and knives can vanish from the earth, but without repentance the killing will go on because men will find other weapons. We must understand that it is the heart that is the danger (Mark 7:21; Matthew 9:4). Acid has a place on earth, but no evil person should walk around looking for someone to throw it on. “Thou shall not kill” means just that, but repentance means stop killing stop throwing acid and stop listening to them who demand that others be killed because they don’t share religious beliefs, etc. (Romans 13:9). Jesus said man will perish without repentance and we are (Luke 13:3). The word of God demands that we repent or face hell (Psalms 9:17).

I ask you to reflect upon the word repent, to consider how different things would be if mankind changed his evil ways. The Texas church shooter didn’t repent of his sins.

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